Our Mission

Since Adam Smith, the study of economics was largely motivated by the need to investigate the opportunities that people have for good living. Viewed in this light, economics is to promote a spirit of inquiry for the common good of humanity:

•  A willingness to investigate issues in the local, school and wider community
•  A readiness to recognize social, economics, ecological and political dimensions of issues needed to solve them.
•  The ability to analyze issues and to participate in action aimed at achieving a sustainable future.
(UNESCO, Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future)


Our mission is to help strengthen the foundation for economics to promote the above traits among citizens and fulfill what it has originally set out to do for mankind.

The foundation we mention above comprises outlook, attitude and values. We hope our economics will promote:


a responsible and compassionate outlook to life. We believe that every one of us must bear responsibility for the development and change of the society in which we live. Our sense of responsibility must extend beyond the afflictions caused by our own actions to include miseries around us, especially those that are within our ability to help remedy. We hope that every citizen will be mindful of the consequences that follow their actions; this will be the first step towards building a compassionate society.



intellectual inquisitiveness by encouraging people to question both the unknown and the known. We hope to see minds freed from conformism, conservation and short-sighted interests so that morbidity will not settle in the minds of especially our young learners.



a balance between positive and normative economics. We need to remind readers that economics is not a value-free mathematical subject; and that it is the product of a relentless effort to understand the world around us and to question the fundamental values required for sustainable living.


Together, these will lay the foundation to enable us to master the art of living, which is essentially the art of making choices that will be in line with promoting a good and harmonious living for all. This is economics for society.